5 Ethical Reasons to Hire a Court Registered/Certified Translator

As New Orleans legal translators, we have heard of some exciting experiences from clients over the years when deploying the help of a Non-Court Registered/Non-Certified Translator. In fact, some errors are downright tragic. These scenarios could have easily been avoided by hiring a Court Registered/Certified Translator initially.

When you forgo hiring a Court Registered/Certified Translator in favor of a non-certified or freelance option, there is potential for saving yourself money in the short run. But you may be costing yourself more over the long run time horizon, too.

It can be tempting to hire employees, family, friends, or anyone else who speaks a particular language fluently or natively. However, anyone that takes a keen interest in language is aware of the nuances of language. A person’s individual spin on the interpretation can affect the results.

This can lead to embellished, omitted, or even altered words that do not communicate the intent of the expert or witness.

The reality is that attorneys and other legal professionals want to pass cost savings onto their clients. However, you may be doing them a disservice by not retaining the help of a Court Registered/Certified Translator. As we’ve said before, there are opportunities to communicate intent that may be lost on a non-certified individual.

Aside from accuracy, there are several reasons from an ethical standpoint that may compel you to hire a court-certified translator. Here are our top five advantages that strongly indicate you should hire one for your next case.

1. They Meet a Standard that Ensures Quality

The complexities of the subject surrounding the areas of law, such as medical diagnosis or proving negligence, make it easy to understand how vital a quality Court Registered/Certified Translator actually is. Often, the translator is responsible for demonstrating complicated elements of a case in a technical or specialized language.

People are often tempted to enlist the help of their family or friends who are fluent in that language. However, there is no certifying body that states that they are trained and proficient in the language that they speak. Even if they are native speakers, they may lack the skills and knowledge necessary to interpret the nuances of each word accurately.

And as the oldest saying the book goes, “You get what you pay for.” Therefore, hiring a Court Registered/Certified Translator produces a better result and ensures quality. Court Registered/Certified Translators invest in their profession just like you invest in yours.

2. They Appreciate and Understand Cultural Correctness

There some aspects of language that non-native speakers don’t necessarily understand. A Court Registered/Certified Translator, native-speaking can guarantee that their work is organized, grammatically correct, and easy to read. They also have specialized knowledge that allows them to interpret cultural or local influences.

As we stated in the previous section, language tends to have nuances that non-native, non-regional speakers don’t pick up on. A Court Registered/Certified Translator can facilitate insight when it comes to an understanding of a local mindset.

3. They Are Consistent at Every Turn

Another benefit of hiring a Court Registered/Certified Translator lies within their ability to produce consistent work over the long run time horizon. There is nothing worse than damaging the reputation of your peers or your organization if inconsistent communication is in the mix. Therefore, it’s crucial to retain the services of a professional Court Registered/Certified Translator.

By their very nature, a translation agency is in it for the long haul. Employing the help of just anyone means that a person may not be available in the future should you need to call upon them about a case later on.

4. They Are True Specialists in Their Field

Specialization is another word we often hear thrown around in the Court Registered/Certified Translator world. This assertion is due in part because professional translators and their agencies often specialize in specific languages or technical terminologies that other generalists don’t have.

Private individuals and businesses have a variety of needs in terms of translation. From legal contracts to testimony in court, a Court Registered/Certified Translator can put your legal team at ease since they can work from multiple aspects and perspectives that the industry needs.

In short, you are enlisting the help of an individual who is professional, consistent, and accurate, no matter the project every time.

Non-Court Registered/Non-Certified Translators can’t offer the same guarantee that they can expertly navigate dense technical language uniformly. Not only that, but they also consult with industry experts regarding the area of law in which you are working.

For example, they will work with other lawyers, doctors, IT experts, and any other relevant professionals that have access to information for further clarity regarding the quality and accuracy of every translation. Therefore a Court Registered/Certified Translator may be able to save you time and money over the long run since their work is so incredibly accurate the first time around.

5. They Create Context and Offer Security

Freelance interpreters might save you money upfront, but they often lack understanding and insight regarding meaning. For instance, they may not wholly understand technical terminology, internal references, abbreviations, or key players of the industry.

When you enlist the help of a professional interpreter, they will always be prepared to assist you in presenting a persuasive and accurate case. A Court Registered/Certified Translator is also able to provide you with the documentation and ethical standards that you require as a legal professional. This may include documentation involving standard service contracts and a non-disclosure agreement. Therefore your relationship with the Court Registered/Certified Translator is guaranteed be treated as entirely confidential.

An Interpreter is an Extension of Your Firm

Here’s the bottom line: if you don’t have your own in-house Court Registered/Certified Translator, then do yourself and your clients a favor by hiring one. There is too much at stake when you leave things in the hands of freelance or Non-Court Registered/Non-Certified Translator with your language interpretation needs since they effectively become an extension of your firm or brand message.

Make sure that you work with a Court Registered/Certified Translator professional offering the proper industry knowledge and linguistic skills that you can trust.

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