Legal Services for Foreigners

Legal Services for Foreigners

Helping Tourists, Visitors and Foreigners with Legal Problems in Louisiana

If you are a foreigner or a resident of another state, but need legal services in Louisiana, chances are that our New Orleans law firm can provide the help your need.

Whether you live in another state or another country, our experienced attorneys can represent your interests in many different legal practice areas. We are very comfortable traveling to attend depositions or other evidence-gathering sessions, and are experienced working with clients and attorneys in other states and foreign countries.

Whether you speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, English or another language, our firm has the legal knowledge and language interpretation and translation services needed to meet your needs. Most of our lawyers speak more than one language and Catherine I. Chávarri is a U.S. court-certified translator.

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At Stephenson, Chávarri & Dawson, LLC, we have considerable experience representing individuals and companies from other states and countries in many types of legal actions, including:

  • Personal Injury: We have represented seamen, tourists from other states and international visitors from Brazil, Mexico and other foreign countries who were injured in accidents in New Orleans. If you were injured in a car or truck accident, a maritime accident or other accident caused by someone else’s negligence, we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for serious injuries. We also represent international visitors and non-citizens in workers’ compensation claims in Louisiana.
  • Family Law: We represent parents and spouses in divorces and family law disputes, handle international adoptions and help resolve international custody disputes.
  • Criminal Defense: We represent out-of-state tourists, college students and foreign visitors who are arrested for DUI/DWI or ticketed for drunk and disorderly conduct or indecent exposure in the French Quarter or other tourist spots in New Orleans. We also defend clients against drug crimes, traffic tickets and white collar and federal crimes. Because of our knowledge of both criminal and immigration law, we can advise when a guilty plea or criminal conviction could affect your legal resident status or have other immigration consequences.
  • Immigration: We represent clients in all types of immigration actions, including people who are stopped coming into the country and put in removal (deportation) proceedings.
  • Successions: We can represent clients from other states and countries who have an interest in a Louisiana estate or succession. If a resident of another state or country died owning real property in Louisiana, we can bring ancillary probate or succession proceedings to transfer property in Louisiana to the rightful heirs.
  • International Commercial Law: We represent foreign individuals and companies who have disputes with individuals or businesses in Louisiana.
  • Consular Issues: Having represented the Consulate of Peru and the Consulate of Mexico, our firm is thoroughly familiar with consular issues, including diplomatic immunity and consular immunity.

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