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Louisiana International Commercial Law Attorneys

  • Are you trying to enforce a contract with a foreign company or a member of a foreign consulate in Louisiana?
  • Does your company need help negotiating contracts or doing business overseas?
  • Do you need letters rogatory or judicial assistance from a foreign court?

Representing Individuals and Businesses in Louisiana, Across the Country and Around the Globe

At Stephenson, Chávarri & Dawson, LLC, we frequently work with issues that affect individuals and companies across national borders. We are well-versed in treaty law between nations and national laws that affect international commercial law and international affairs.

We currently represent the Consulate of Mexico and have represented the Consulate of Peru. We understand consular immunity, diplomatic immunity and other issues related to consulates and consular issues under the Vienna Convention.

A significant portion of our practice focuses on business and trade matters such as customs and trade regulation. The combined skills and experiences of our international law attorneys, in addition to the fact that each attorney speaks at least one language other than English fluently, makes our firm uniquely effective with international commercial law issues.

Uniquely Qualified to Handle Contract Disputes and Business Matters Involving International Companies and Foreign Individuals

Whether you are a landlord with a foreign tenant, a Louisiana resident who was involved in a car or truck accident with a driver from Mexico, or a store that has a contract with an international vendor or supplier, chances are that we can help solve your legal problem.

Our lawyers can help with the following types of international commercial law needs:

  • International and cross-border contracts
  • International business law
  • Fraud complaints to the Commerce Department
  • Letters rogatory to foreign governments
  • Apostille and certification of foreign documents
  • Obtaining documents for other countries
  • Interpretation and translation of foreign contracts, court records, and other documents
  • Jurisdiction over foreigners in family law, divorce and domestic

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