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Non-Immigrant Visas for Foreign Workers and Professionals

The immigration law and employment visa practice at the New Orleans law firm of Stephenson, Chávarri & Dawson is designed to serve the interests of nurses, athletes, artists, researchers, IT workers, dentists, doctors and other professionals who are seeking employment in the United States. Our firm has strong links to several of the consular offices in the city of New Orleans and elsewhere. We employ an official translator, certified by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, and most of our attorneys speak at least one foreign language fluently.

The international scope and multilingual capabilities of our firm make Stephenson, Chávarri & Dawson a logical choice to handle employment visas and other immigration matters in which the services of a Spanish- or French-speaking attorney would be invaluable. Also, the firm’s extensive experience in both immigration law and criminal defense enables us to effectively guide clients whose immigration status may be threatened by an arrest or criminal allegation.

If you need the advice of a respected attorney regarding any concerns you may have about applying for an H-1B employment visa or if you are a Louisiana employer seeking high-quality and cost-effective legal service in obtaining H-2B visas or green cards for foreign national workers and international transferees, please contact our offices in New Orleans today.

Experienced Guidance for Foreign Employees and Louisiana Employers

The experienced immigration lawyers at Stephenson, Chávarri & Dawson represent foreign nationals in Central and South America, Spain and other European countries and throughout Asia and Africa seeking a wide range of nonimmigrant work visas, including:

  • Professionals and employees in specialty occupations, such as scientists, lawyers, designers, teachers, artists, nurses and other health care workers seeking an H-1B or H-2B work visa. We also help family members of those professionals seek entry into the U.S. under an H-4 visa.
  • Foreign-born physicians who need a J visa to pursue graduate-level medical training in the United States
  • Professionals from Mexico and Canada eligible under NAFTA to apply for a TN visa
  • Athletes, entertainers and performers who need an O or P visa to work in this country
  • Intracompany transferees eligible for an L-1 visa
  • Foreign investors seeking a green card or EB-5 visa

In addition to individuals, our firm offers experienced representation and attentive service to the needs of business, sports, entertainment and cultural organizations interested in sponsoring a work visa for a foreign employee, trainee or performer with unique skills.

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