How to Select the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

You have been struggling with debt, and after thinking about it some times, you have finally decided to file for bankruptcy. There are many things that you need to consider. For example, which type of bankruptcy should you file and what documents are required. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you out here. But how do you select the right bankruptcy lawyer? Here are some points to keep in mind.


Always select a new orleans bankruptcy attorney with experience. If they have years of experience and have fought many cases, they already know what to do. You can ask them about the types of bankruptcy cases that they have handled. If they have worked on several Chapter 7 cases but not many of Chapter 13, they might not be able to deal with a Chapter 13 case efficiently and might push you towards Chapter 7. It’s best to visit a lawyer who can work on all types of cases.


Finding out a lawyer’s proficiency is difficult. While experience is an indicator of competence, it can be misleading at times. For example, there might be a lawyer who has worked on several cases but did a bad job each time. To know about the proficiency of a bankruptcy attorney, you can ask your friends or family. People can refer you to their lawyers and suggest whether they have the required aptitude. If you don’t know anyone who knows a lawyer, you can check online and read reviews.


Most people are looking for cheap solutions. However, it’s best to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. You should get a lawyer who gives individual attention to each client. Many bankruptcy lawyers act like document mills; they just process documents for their customers without providing them any additional support. However, keep in mind that high fees wouldn’t guarantee the best services either. The best thing you can do is look around and get recommendations from friends and family. Additionally, as discussed earlier, you can look for online reviews as well.


If the lawyer is not readily available when you contact them, there is no point hiring them. They might give out their number to you, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will always pick up your phone. You might need them in exceptional conditions. For example, if creditors are bothering you or you’re getting emails from your bank, you would need your lawyer’s immediate support. If they don’t answer the phone in such cases, you’ll feel stuck. Ask them about their timings of availability. If they don’t allow you to call during all hours, then try to look for someone who does.

You must be having a list of bankruptcy lawyers. Start evaluating them based on these points and weed out the ones that do not fit the criteria. Soon, you will have a handful of agents who are the best and can help you out efficiently.

It’s not easy to find the look for a good bankruptcy lawyer, but with a little research and a bit probing, you can find the best attorney. Another factor that you may consider is the personality of the lawyer. If you feel uncomfortable around them, it’s best to look for another lawyer. You cannot carry out successful business with someone with whom you cannot be open.

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